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Watch_Dogs Mocap Video

Want some new Watch_Dogs info to tide you over until e3? Of course you do! Well, look no further ladies and gents, as Ubisoft has released a brief video showing off the process of motion-capturing and how it links into the game’s development.

Personally I am still not sold on Watch_Dogs – I haven’t really gelled with recent Ubisoft games for some reason – but regardless it’s almost guaranteed to be one of the biggest games this year and I know Stimo will be picking it up on day-one.

Dave – NGXN


See The New Kinect In Action

As the title suggests, Microsoft has released a couple of brief videos showing off their revised Kinect technology.

The main points to take away really are that the voice commands are vastly improved, the camera supports a wider range and it is capable of detecting more subtle details such as expressions.

Personally I am yet to enjoy a “proper” Kinect title (Dancing and mini-game collections are fine but don’t really count) so I’m intrigued to see what Microsoft can do with their new technology.

Dave – NGXN

Is Mirrors Edge 2 One Of Microsoft’s 15 Exclusives?

Before we start, I should make it clear that this is purely rumour and speculation at this point, but a listing for Mirror’s Edge 2 has appeared on Amazon’s Italian website.

This alone is quite a big deal as the original, despite having a strong following, didn’t sell particularly well, so a sequel has always seemed unlikely. What is more interesting however is the absence of a PlayStation listing – could Mirror’s Edge 2 be one of the exclusive titles that Microsoft referred to at their conference?┬áLet’s not forget that EA and Microsoft are best buddies these days so, to me, it all sounds rather plausible.

It’s rare for me to buy a new console based on a single game, but if Mirror’s Edge 2 is confirmed as an X1 exclusive, I can see myself pre-ordering one that day!

Dave – NGXN

Xbox Investing $1 Billion Into Exclusive Titles


Wow, that is quite a chunk of change! At the Xbox One reveal, Microsoft stated that 15 exclusives were scheduled for release during the first 12 months (8 of which being new IPs).

As you can imagine, doing so will not be a cheap endeavor, and the project is looking to set Microsoft back approximately $1 Billion!

Maybe I’m alone on this, but I cannot realistically see Microsoft making this money back any time soon. After all, we are in a generation at the moment where new IPs don’t sell, while annual franchises such as COD and FIFA, dominate the charts.

Dave – NGXN