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Headset Adapter Release Dates?

Since the headset¬†adpaters from Microsoft and Nyko have been announced i have been trying to find out if any of them will be avaiable at launch in November. That sadly may not be the case for either ūüė¶

My source at Blockbuster has given me details from their pricing lists that state an Xbox One headset adapter will be avaiable in January.

If this is true then it looks like i will have to purchase a new headset at launch. No mention of what make the adapter is so there could be a chance that one of thease will be available near release. Fingers crossed.



360 Headsets May Work With X1 After All

With the X1 controller using a new form of headphone port, it was assumed that current 360 headsets would not be compatible.

Microsoft has since said on Twitter¬†‚ÄúWe are working to develop an adapter for current wired headsets to connect. More details as we approach launch,‚ÄĚ.

Personally this is awesome news. I have no problem with my current 360 headset and wasn’t really looking forward to coughing up an extra ¬£35 at launch for a flimsy headset when that could be put towards another game.

Sounds like Microsoft are back-pedaling a lot at the moment in light of Sony’s strong E3. Now Microsoft, about that compulsory Kinect I’ll never use… ūüėČ

Dave – NGXN

Crackdown 3 Isn’t Dead Yet

I absolutely loved Crackdown! An open-world, co-op, superhero title with a huge focus on destruction? Yes please! It was ridiculously fun and one of the few games I played enough to snag the full 1000 gamerscore for.

Its sequel on the other hand was rushed, half-baked and ultimately failed to sell. As a result, it was assumed we wouldn’t see any more of the Crackdown series.

At Microsoft’s recent X1 reveal in May however, people spotted the Crackdown logo on one of the presentation slides and so began the rumours that Crackdown 3 was in development. Then E3 came and went without a single mention, what gives?!

IGN spoke to Microsoft’s, Phil Spencer, in a bid to get some more information. Mr Spencer confirmed that the Crackdown series isn’t dead yet and that it is one of his personal favourites. He then went on to say that a next-gen Crackdown would be a perfect fit for their new focus on cloud technology.

So there we go, nothing concrete but it sounds like Crackdown fans shouldn’t give up hope yet. The interesting thing will be to see who develops it, as Ruffian Games (the guys behind Crackdown2) are currently working on other projects.

Dave – NGXN

Headset Not Included. Use Kinect

Microsoft have announced that the Xbox One will not come with the a headset.

No Headset

Xbox One does not include a pack-in headset accessory,” a Microsoft spokesperson said in a statement. “Each Xbox One includes the new Kinect sensor, with a highly sensitive multi-array microphones designed to enable voice inputs and chat as a system-level capability, both in-game and with Skype and other experiences.”

I suspected this but it would have been nice. What annoys me is the official description of the headset stating that its a “Must Have” for the gamer.

I have expirenced the kinect when gaming and it is just awful. It picks up every bit of sound and since its right next to the TV you hear all the sounds of the game like an echo. I think Microsoft are still too confident that evevryone will be using the Kinect constantly. I sure wont be as i will sadly be purchasing the headset at launch.