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Titanfall Tutorial (Offscreen Footage)

With PAX in full swing, those lucky enough to attend are getting their hands on a number of Xbox One titles including the hotly anticipated Titanfall.

With so many mechanics and details to learn, the TItanfall demo begins with a thorough tutorial, talking players through the various features. Someone has kindly recorded this and posted it up on Youtube, so check out the video below

Dave – NGXN


ALL EU Xbox Ones To Come With FIFA At Launch

As with most things Xbox One related there has been a bit of confusion regarding Microsoft’s recent announcement that Xbox One pre-orders would come with a digital copy of FIFA 14.

For the “Day-One” editions, there wasn’t much confusion there. After the Gamescom announcement, the packaging of that version was changed to the one seen below.  However, some people (including myself) were a little confused if, despite MIcrosoft stating that the copy of FIFA would come with ALL pre-orders made in the EU, whether the likes of the COD bundle (which appears to be the “Standard Edition” based on the green packaging) would also be included in the offer. There were also some stores, such as Sainsburys, who seemed unaware of the FIFA offer, meaning people such as my brother (who got his pre order in on the 17th June!) may have missed out on this free game.



Fortunately, after someone posted the question on Twitter, Xbox has replied stating that ALL pre orders in Europe will come with a digital copy of FIFA 14, regardless of what version the console is. For me this is awesome as I have that Ghosts bundle on order and will be getting the year’s two biggest games (outside of GTA 5) both in digital format for just shy of £460.

Dave – NGXN

New PS4 Bundle Competes With X1


Let it never be said that we show bias here at NGXN, after all, competition is what keeps the world of business interesting. In the latest chapter of this back and forth battle between Sony and Microsoft, Sony has revealed a new PS4 console bundle, which I have to admit is stunning value.

Featuring a PS4 console, an extra controller, camera and Killzone Shadow Fall, the package looks to feature everything you could possibly want on launch day. The kicker? It comes in at roughly £427 , which is basically the cost of the X1+FIFA bundle. Now that’s competitive.

The bundle is only available through Amazon France at the moment, however expect a formal release shortly.

The question now is how/will Microsoft respond? To the average consumer there is no denying that the PS4 bundle will look far more appealing than Microsoft’s core bundle. Perhaps we will see more goodies from Microsoft before launch day – whenever that may be…

Dave – NGXN

KI Chief Thunder Trailer

Double Helix have shown off another KI trailer showing off Chief Thunder along with the announcement of the 5th fighter being released when its launched this November. It looks like Kim Wu to me but i will let you be the judge.