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Eurogamer Thoughts

I have played the Xbox One!

On Sunday 29th September I went to Euro gamer Expo in London to get my hands on the X1 and as many of its titles as I could. Below is what I played and what I thought of each title. Sorry if I didn’t play the title you wanted to hear about, I ran out of time due to the queues being very long for some of the games… Read the rest of this entry

Xbox One Tour

As launch day looms closer, Microsoft has announced the Xbox One tour, where the new console will be shown off in a massive 175 locations.

The tour will be split into two parts: part one (known as Area One), will head to the larger cities and give people the chance to check out Forza, Dead Rising and Ryse, while the smaller “Test Drive” booths will be scattered around shopping centres and universities.

No details yet as to where the Test Drive booths will spring up, but the Area One schedule is as follows:

Philadelphia: 3rd-6th Oct.
Paris: 10th-13th Oct.
Toronto: 10th-13th Oct.
Chicago: 17th-20th Oct.
Vienna: 17th-20th Oct.
Atlanta: 24th-27th Oct.
Dallas: 31st Oct.-3rd Nov.
Berlin: 31st Oct.-3rd Nov.
Phoenix: 7th Nov.-10th Nov.
San Francisco: 14th Nov.-17th Nov.
Dublin: 14th Nov.-17th Nov.
Los Angeles: 21st Nov.
London: 21st Nov.-24th Nov.

Don’t you just love that London is apparently our only noteworthy city when it comes to things like this….? šŸ˜‰

Dave – NGXN

Destiny Box Art Revealed


The Destiny box art has been revealed. While it sticks to the generic “men holding guns and looking menancing” formula, I have to say I likeĀ it a lot – though I am slightly concerned why the dudeĀ in the middle clearly has his back to us but his helmet is pointing forwards!

Anyway, Destiny is shaping up to be a solid 4 player Borderlands-esqe shooter and one I may check out – providing it doesn’t clash with Titanfall of course!

Dave – NGXN

New Evil Within Footage

Evil Within looks fantastic and is shaping up to be a solid survival horror title. Some new footage has emerged online and it shows a decent chunk of the gameplay, so sit back and enjoy.

Dave – NGXN