BF4 / COD Reviews Are Up

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With the two big shooters of the year now available on current-gen consoles, the reviews are starting to emerge online. Interestingly, some of these are focusing on next-gen platforms so I thought I would give you a quick overview.

At the time of writing this, on current gen consoles BF4 and Ghosts have similar Metacritic scores (80 and 75 respectively), while on next-gen systems, Battlefield is much further ahead with a score of 87 and Ghosts at 78 – please note, this is based on PS4 scores.

While I personally much prefer COD as I find it a more fun, complete package (more modes, more content, decent single player), there is no denying Battlefield 4’s multiplayer is coming across as the more “next-gen experience” thanks to its 64 player lobbies and highly destructible environments.

Naturally Ghosts will sell more as it is the market leader and has a huge following, but it sounds like they are going to have to step their game up next year if they want to keep up.

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  1. COD has had a good run but now its time to step down as the leader in FPS. To be fair with the start of a new generation of console gaming closing in, it would be nice to see a new IP become the must have FPS.

    • Yep. I still absolutely love COD and will certainly grab a copy of Ghosts at some point, but I agree we need somehting like Titanfall to really take the FPS genre and give it a fresh start.

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