MW2 Ending Reused In COD Ghosts

Every year I have to fight with Stimo that the new Call of Duty isn’t just recycled content. Well, stories such as this don’t exactly help my case…

Have you played Modern Warfare 2? You should, it’s great. Remember that great ending? Well, if you do, you may get a sense of deja vu when firing up your shiny new copy of Ghosts, as IW has for some reason decided to re-use that section in their new project.


Dave – NGXN


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  1. Love it. They are seriously running out of ideas. Thats what you get for yearly releases. Cutting corners to meet demand.

    • In a way it makes sense; why bother doing fresh mo-cap of two guys walking away from the screen?
      I take you’re point though, IW only get 2 years to complete each project, so some corners will be cut here and there. Not a big deal, I just found it amusing 🙂

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