First Ryse DLC Goes Live

Ryse Header

Get ready to sharpen those swords and put Ryse back in the disk tray ladies and gents, as Crytek have released their first chunk of DLC.

Weighing in at 3GB, the update includes 3 new maps (no news if you can play these solo at the moment) and two additional character skins. A few other tweaks have been made, such as adding a collectibles option on the main menu.

In case you were wondering Stimo, no, the update does not bring any new achievements to the table, suggesting Ryse is going to stick with a standard 1000 gamer score 😛

Dave – NGXN


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  1. Well i know what i am not purchasing then. That has saved me money. Glad i didnt buy the season pass instantly

    • Yep. Obviously that may change with later packs but at the moment it looks like there won’t be any extra gamer score up for grabs. Will be interesting to see if DR3 follows suit, though I imagine I will buy those at some point anyway regardless as they are story content.

      • Yeh. Ryse is only 2 new maps and a couple of costumes. Granted its only £4.00 but them maps may not be able to play solo. Lvl 80 at the time of writing this so not long to go till 100 🙂

      • I can confirm that they are not solo maps either. Oh well that has saved me a bit of money.

      • Not solo? Damn, that’s really silly. I understand they want players to play the game together but it was a bit pointless making 3 of the maps solo-able and not the others.

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