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Spinal Released Tomorrow

Spinal, the 7th fighter to be added to the KI roster will be available tomorrow for free if you purchased the packs or separately for  $4.99

And there was me thinking that he will be delayed. Well done Double Helix.

Along with Spinal an upadate is on the horizon thtas will hopefully squash those pesky rage quitters.

If the quitting exceeds 15% then you will be sent to rage quitter jail for 24 hours, here you will only be able to play with other quitters. If you keep quitting then the time spent in jail will increase to up to 5 days. The quit will also count towards a loss, just the loss for the quit would have been satisfactory guys.

Below is the reveal trailer along with the tease of Fulgore 🙂


Huge Xbox One Leak

With 2014 just getting started, a user over at NeoGAF is apparently dropping a knowledge bomb of information about Microsoft’s plans for the upcoming year. As with all leaked info, take it with a healthy does of salt as none of it has been verified but much of it does align to whispers we have heard from around the web.

Posted below is the information that has been stated so far and none of it seems all that far-fetched; the biggest item may be the Xbox One for $399 without an optical drive. Of course, a drive-less Xbox One rumor has popped up before but nothing sounds concrete at this time; most of the other information is related to games that will be released during 2014.

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Titanfall To Feature DLC

Not exactly a surprise but EA has confirmed that Titanfall will feature a DLC plan of some sort. EA CEO had the following to say:

“Titanfall is a highly innovative game that’s multiplayer driven and so we expect a lot of online engagement around that,” Wilson stated during EA’s Q3 2014 earnings call. “We’re planning extra content already for the product, but in the nature of a large service, I think that will evolve over time as we see how the playerbase evolves through the year.”

Reading between the lines, it sounds like EA/Respawn are going to monitor which modes are popular amongst players and focus their efforts on those areas.

Providing Respawn don’t “do a Call of Duty” and expect us to pay £10 for 4 new maps, I may be interested in paying for some extra content, which isn’t something I say very often.

Dave – NGXN

Crimson Dragon Updated

On-rails shmup, Crimson Dragon, has received a new update, as well as a temporary discount.

Crimson Dragon

The 4GB update brings a new “Insane” difficulty setting to the table, as well as the ability to play alongside a friend (this is via online play only from what I can gather).

Crimson Dragon received mixed reviews but if you are looking for something new to play while you wait for the likes of Ground Zeroes, Rayman Legends and Titanfall, this game’s temporary £11.99 price tag might just sway you.

Dave – NGXN