Alien Isolation Announced!

Following the pretty rubbish Colonial Marines, Sega are back for another attempt at making a great Alien game in the form of “Isolation”. After being very disappointed by Colonial Marines I refuse to get too excited about this one yet, but early signs certainly look promising:

For starters, Gearbox are not involved with this project whatsoever. I like the Borderlands games, but everything else they touch turns the crap, fact. Secondly, rather than being a standard FPS with numerous Aliens running around, this game instead focuses on just one Alien, which allows the developers to opt for the horror angle – a big thumbs up from me.

Whether the game ends up being any good or not remains to be seen of course, but I’m looking forward to the inevitable footage we see at E3 2014. I’ve also put a temporary pre-order down as several retailers are selling it for a reasonable £35 at the moment.

Isolation is due for release this year and is coming to current and next-gen platforms.

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  1. Does look good. Reminds me of indie titles such as Slender and Amnesia.

    • I’ve just finished reading the preview on Suffice to say they are very excited for this game. If done right it will probably be my GOTY as I love the Alien films and love survival horror games even more.
      Between this and Evil Within I’m officially spoilt for choice this year 🙂

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