Titanfall Supports Up To 12 Players

Those hoping for large scale matches of Titanfall will be disappointed to hear that the game has a lobby size of just 12 players. Respawn Co-Founder, Vince Zampella did stress that this is 12 human players and that there will be several more AI characters to pad out the battlefield. He went on to explain that, after plenty of testing, 12 players offered up the most fun matches.

Some people are pretty angry about this limitation and are spitting their usual levels of bile over Twitter right now, but personally 12 players sounds about right to me. This isn’t a Battlefield game, this is Call of Duty with mechs. COD games are fast paced, feature small maps and are designed for instant action. Assuming Titanfall is opting for the same type of gameplay, any more than 12 players would be too crowded.

Titanfall launches in just a couple of months time on Xbox One, PC and 360.

Dave – NGXN


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  1. When playing this at eurogamer i never once felt that the lack of players would be a problem. It was very balanced, fast paced and upmost fun.

    • My main concern at the moment is that Microsoft basically have until March to fix their terrible party chat system. Given what a headache it is to play games like Forza, etc with friends, I definitely won’t be going near anymore multiplayer games until they’ve fixed it.

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