Skyrim Could Come To Next-Gen!

Update: Unfortunatly this was just a website error 😦 Maybe its for the best, do i really want to start a new 100 hour + playthrough.

Original: Bethesda may be planning to release The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on Xbox One and PS4

A screenshot was captured from Bethesda’s Skyrim website showing next-gen versions of the game listed alongside the existing Xbox 360, PS3 and PC editions.

The listing has since been removed and may well have been an error (or an inadvertent early reveal).

Several users on Reddit have reported receiving an email from Bethesda teasing a “very special announcement” this Sunday, January 12



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  1. PS3 owners are still waiting for a working version, lol. Why people support this shoddy developer I have no idea.

    Edit: Doesn’t look like its coming.

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