Diablo 3 Coming To X1?


It looks like Diablo 3 may be coming to Xbox One after all. A next-gen version of the game was originally announced for PlayStation 4 last year, however there was no mention of an X1 version.

While Blizzard haven’t confirmed or denied the game’s existence, several retailers are starting to take pre-orders for an Xbox One version. Either this is a simple mistake, or the retailers know something we don’t.

Given the Xbox 360 version of Diablo 3 was announced very close to the game’s release, it’s highly possible. Fingers crossed!

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  1. Hyp3rSint4x

    I played as a monk for awhile on pc, but this was also during the time that my friends and I were playing a lot of BL2, so I ultimately abandoned D3 since I was on my XBox360 constantly. My REpurchasing this will heavily depend on if my friends pick it up as well. I only have time for so many games while having a full time job (that ISN’T gaming)!

    • Free time is certainly an issue when it comes to big games like this. Since becoming a Dad, my free time is much smaller than it used to be, so I’ve found myself preferring games I can play in short bursts (COD, Peggle, etc).
      One exception to this will be The Witcher 3. Words cannot describe how much I’m looking forward to that game, lol! πŸ™‚

      • Hyp3rSint4x

        I haven’t hit fatherhood yet, but I am recently married! I never got in to the Witcher series, but I’ve heard nothing but awesomeness about it. I’m sure you’ll find a way!

      • To be fair, its not quite as drastic as I’m making it sound, its just not possible for me to play games for 5-6 hours straight anymore πŸ˜‰

        Never played Witcher 1 but Witcher 2 was a very good game with an excellent narrative. The fact Witcher 3 is going to be open-world made it an insta-buy for me πŸ™‚

        Stepping away from Xbox for a second, I learned today that Borderlands 2 is coming to PS Vita. How did I miss this?! Putting a game like that on a handheld seems like a brilliant fit.

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