First ‘Evolve’ Character Unveiled

As I mentioned yesterday, Evolve is a co-op Sci-fi shooter from the guys behind Left4Dead. While details are pretty low on the ground at the moment as to how the game will work, the first character (of four) has been revealed and briefly detailed.

Unlike Left4Dead where each character had the same abilities, Evolve looks to go down the class-based route, focusing on the following categories: Assault, Trapper, Support and Medic.

Today we are looking at the Assault class (i.e. the class I typically play as in games like this). Markov will benefit from a higher health bar, have access to a decent range of beefy weapons and will also be able to activate a shield ability which will protect the entire team. Essentially it sounds like he will act as a Tank on the frontline 🙂

Evolve releases on current-gen and next-gen platforms this Autumn. For more details, check out this month’s GameInformer magazine.

Dave – NGXN


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