Ground Zeroes Achievements

Metal Gear

Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes is just a couple of short months away now, so its not surprising that the achievement list has been released.

Like other downloadable titles, the game will feature a full 1000GS, despite only having a handful of actual achievements to aim towards. That said, there looks to be some pretty tricky ones in there to keep you completionists busy.

For the full list, read on…

Reunion (50 points)

Reunited with Chico or Paz

Downfall (50 points)

Cleared the “Ground Zeroes” mission

Genesis (50 points)

Cleared a Side Op or Extra Op

Accomplished (50 points)

Cleared all missions (including Side Ops and Extra Ops)

Skilled (100 points)

Cleared any mission (including Side Ops and Extra Ops) with a S-rank

Hero (250 points)

Cleared all missions (including Side Ops and Extra Ops) with a S-rank

Rescue (50 points)

In the “Ground Zeroes” mission, rescued the prisoner to be executed and extracted him via chopper

Depth (50 points)

Cleared the “Eliminate the Renegade Threat” Side Op by extracting both targets

Pacifist (50 points)

Cleared the “Intel Operative Rescue” Side Op without killing a single enemy

Infiltration (50 points)

Cleared the “Classified Intel Acquisition” Side Op while riding in the back of a truck

Extraction (50 points)

In the “Destroy the Anti-Air Emplacements” Side Op, rescued and extracted all prisoners via chopper

Hidden (50 points)

Cleared the “Jamais Vu” Extra Op with 0 enemy combat statuses

Unlocked (50 points)

Unlocked all trials

Information (50 points)

Obtained all cassette tapes

Insignia (50 points)

Obtained all XOF unit patches

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