More ‘Evolve’ Details


Following on from my recent post, details of Evolve’s remaining three characters have been revealed.

Starting with Griffin, he is the game’s “Trapper” class. As the name suggests, he has a series of abilities which are used to contain the monster, including a Harpoon gun which tethers the creature to him. Another cool ability is his Sound Spike, which can be placed in the ground and alerts players when the monster is close. Finally, he has a Mobile Arena power up, which creates a bubble preventing friends/foes from leaving a specific area, ideal for moments when the other players need to escape and regroup.

Next up is Hank, the “Support” class. Essentially, he is used to give the team buffs, such as increasing damage, granting players temporary invulnerability or even giving them cloaking powers. Suffice to say he comes across as an essential component of the team. He also has an Orbital Barrage attack, which takes a long time to charge but obviously does huge volumes of damage.

Finally we have Val, the “Medic”. Starting with the Medgun, this can be used to heal/revive players from a distance, which is pretty handy of course. They also have a Healing Boost power, which grants all players an instant health bonus – ideal during those larger fights. In terms of offence, Val has a Tranquilliser gun, which slows the creature down (ideal for Hank to line up his Orbital Barrage) and an Anti-Material gun, which marks areas on the monster, allowing all players to perform temporary double damage.

Personally, I think the game sounds great. Turtle Rock are a very competent developer and I can see this being a very enjoyable, balanced co-op game. Time will tell of course whether they deliver the goods, but colour me intrigued for now.

Dave – NGXN


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