New Dead Rising 3 Update


Dead Rising 3’s first DLC goes live this Tuesday and, presumably in preparation for this, a new update has been released for the game.

While that is hardly worth posting, I thought it would be a good idea to warn you that the update weighs in at, brace yourselves, approximately 15GB!

If, like me you have an OK-ish connection (typically mine is around 2.5MB), you may want to kick that download off sooner rather than later if you hope to play the DLC on Wednesday…

Interestingly, this 15GB update appears to overwrite a large chunk of the existing game install, resulting in the overall size only increasing by approximately 1.5GB.

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  1. WHAT!!! I guess with bigger consoles comes larger updates but seriously. No wonder the xbox was intended to be on all the time.

    • Simply put, the Xbox One was designed for Americans. The TV integration, the crazy download sizes; its a box which isn’t designed for us with our “meh” connection speeds.

      Stuff like this is seriously making me consider avoiding multiplayer games or titles with a lot of DLC. Getting sick already of firing up my games and being met with huge updates which my internet cannot manage.

  2. I noticed after I let the update fully install (which said it was around 13 gig) I get a slight “Pause” here and there in the game, like when someone joins your game, or save in Nightmare mode.

    • Interesting. Perhaps another performance patch is in order then. DR3 was pretty sluggish at times on launch day but has been much better since the 5GB update in December. Thanks for the heads up! 🙂

  3. Does the update just appear? I haven’t been prompted to update anything yet.

    • It should just appear when you next fire up DR3. That said, a lot of people on Reddit, etc who haven’t received the update yet, so they might be rolling it out one territory at a time 🙂

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