Microsoft Upping The Power To Xbox One

Microsoft may offer more room for developers making games for the Xbox One, according to an industry insider.

“10% reserved gpu getting turned into 2% soon”. Stated the insider. “Gpu for that certain system had 10% reserved. 8% video. 2% voice. Voice will remain. That video 8% will be up to devs. As it should be. Currently 10% of the Xbox One GPU is reserved for OS functions and Kinect and it looks like that will be reduced to 2% soon, giving developers more power.”

While this does not seem much but every little helps. Microsoft had earlier also increased the CPU clock speed.

Another insider called this a “great news for Xbox fans”. Take this is a rumour for now but these insiders have had a good track record with Xbox One news.


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  1. Hyp3rSint4x

    That’s not such a bad idea, actually. Throttling back the power at launch and ramp it up afterwards. Hopefully this allowed a smoother launch and let the games function properly with out glitching out the system.

  2. Interesting. The X1 is clearly struggling from a performance perspective vs the PS4 if the recent TR re-release is anything to go by. Hopefully these tweaks start to close the gap a little.

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