Watch_Dogs Release Date Imminent

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot confirmed that a specific release date for Watch_Dogs is set to be revealed “very soon.”

Five titles are scheduled for release during the 2015 finanical year. Watch_Dogs looks like it has been planned for release between April – June 2014, while The Crew, Just Dance and obviously a new Assissinc Creed will also be available. The fith could be The Division or it could be the rumored Far Cry 4. Only time will tell.

Being released sooner though are South Park: The Stick Of Truth (Last Gen) and Rayman Legends (Next Gen).


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  1. Ubisoft’s big mission now is to re-ignite that excitement people were feeling for the game at the end of last year. Most people seem to have lost interest since the delay (myself included)

  2. I still really wanna play it. Im sure all they need to do is release a new gameplay vid and the hype wil come flooding back.

    • Possibly. The thing that stood out about it though was that it was going to be the first open world next-gen title – large areas, lots of detail, etc. As much as Dead Rising 3 was enjoyable, it was far too small to be considered “open world”.
      The problem with the delay means that Watch_Dogs releases around Infamous Second Son, which critics are saying is a truly next-gen open world experience. Ubisoft run the risk of being shown up by the competition and could have benefited from that head start.

    • Hyp3rSint4x

      It will. As soon as they give a date and possibly a new trailer, the hype train will be at full steam again. There was a huge uproar after it was delayed, and every time watch_dogs is even whispered my news feed blows up with the same rephrased headline.

      People may be preoccupied with other games at the moment, but they have definitely not forgotten about it!

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