Titanfall Running At 792p

Titanfall Announcement

It looks like Titanfall is the latest Xbox One game to suffer from a poor resolution (presumably due to the resource-hungry Kinect camera).

Digital Foundry have been analysing the game (admittedly in beta format) and have come to the conclusion the game is running at a bizarre 792p, something that is simply unacceptable for an Xbox exclusive.

Respawn has confirmed this figure but stated the game /might/ hit 900p when it launches next month.

This is getting ridiculous Microsoft, sort it out.

Dave – NGXN


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  1. Dosent bother me. Still play at 720p. All games do that. 🙂 Then again 900p was the same res as Ryse and was upscaled to 1080p using X1s software. Which Respwan are co-developing to make it even better.

    • I hear what you’re saying but a console released in 2013 should NOT run at 720p as standard. The difference between 720/1080 is night and day on any screen larger than 32″ and its really annoying me that devs are falling back on the X1’s shoddy upscaler, which simply increases the sharpness a bit.

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