MGS5 Running At 720p On X1

Phantom Pain

It has been confirmed that upcoming Metal Gear Solid 5 will run at 720p on Xbox One, whereas the PlayStation 4 version will boast a full 1080p resolution.

Both versions however will fortunately run at 60FPS, whereas current gen versions will have to settle for 30FPS and an upscaled 720p resolution.

With a higher price tag, half the sales and lacking visual performance, Microsoft had better be working hard on their revised Kinect-free version of the Xbox One, else they are  going to get left behind.

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  1. Oh dear. Would not be that worried but Its the most expensive console and they are not running as well as on something that is much cheaper. 😦

    • There is part of me that is pleased to see this happen. Microsoft are such smug bastards and are so used to calling the shots (hence their existing plans for the X1 and lack of communicating that vision) so this will hopefully knock them down a few pegs and make them realise that they have to give gamers what they want in order to be successful in the games industry.

      If they are smart they will swallow their pride, ditch that rubbish camera, reduce the price and enhance the spec. The PS4 is an amazing console and the X1 has a lot of catching up to do.

      • I agree in that sense. This is what happened last gen with Sony. They got too big for their boots and made a console that not many liked to code for and was too expensive. This time its Microsofts turn. Its not as if its difficult to code for but they insisted on Kinect with the system and had to make cuts to establish that.

      • Exactly. I appreciate there were going to be differences between the two consoles, but the X1 is already being left behind when it comes to performance and we are only 3 months in.

        I’m not normally one to focus on benchmarks, etc but when the differences are as night and day as this already, its time for Microsoft to consider making changes.

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