More Potential Titanfall News

Neogaf member RazorUK has used a HEX editor on some of the Titanfall files and has potentially unearthed some more details about the finished product.

For starters the game looks to feature 14 maps, which seems a pretty healthy number given the game doesn’t feature any sort of single player component. These are named as follows:

angel city, colony, fracture, relic, airbase, boneyard, corporate, outpost 207, lagoon, rise, smugglers cove, overlook, nexus, o2

Also a list of game modes have been spotted. As well as the 4 seen the beta (Attrition, Hardpoint, Last Titan Standing, Variety) it sounds like Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag will be joining the party.

Titanfall launches next months and, while I wasn’t exactly blown away by the beta, it seems enjoyable enough to play from time to time. Fellow NGXN member Stimo certainly seems more impressed than me at the moment – perhaps I’m finally getting bored of these modern shooters.

Dave – NGXN


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  1. I wouldnt call it modern. Dont see mechs in modern shooters. This is more futuristic.

    • Not sure I’d completely agree with that. Something like Halo or Killzone is futuristic. Titanfall still features standard weaponry

  2. Well when the millitary starts using giant mechs, smart pistols, active camo, jet packs and can fall from a great distance with no damage what so ever i will then call this a modern shooter.

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