2 Million Gamers Played Titanfall Beta

According to Respawn’s community manager Abbie Heppe 2 million unique users took part in the recent betas performed on the PC and Xbox One.

Heppe went on to comment the team behind Titanfall is currently working out the bugs while a engineer on the project let out that they were able to assure a much less messy retail launch thanks to the betas.

“You never want to say that everything is going to be perfect. Obviously there are things that can change. But you don’t want to say, ‘oh, no, there will still be problems,’ because you don’t want to give people a lack of confidence in what you’re doing. I think that this beta was really about giving people confidence that not only will we be communicative with them, but we’re actively trying to work out any bugs now.” Respawn Community Manager Abbie Heppe.

Im glad the beta went well. Having played it again since Eurogmer I im stoked to own a copy in the coming weeks.


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  1. Not a bad little game from what I played of it. Little concerned I didn’t feel much drive to play it past the 5 hour mark but some more maps should help with that.
    The one thing I liked about Titanfall is it feels balanced, which isn’t something I say about many online games

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