X1 Receives Price Cut


Fancy buying an Xbox One but can’t quite justify that £429.99 price tag? Microsoft has announced that as of this Friday, the X1 will cost £399.99 in the UK and will also come with a digital copy of Titanfall!

It’s no secret that the PS4 is kind of mopping the floor with the X1 at the moment, boasting 3:1 sales figures, so this very early price drop is probably linked to that.

While £400 still feels a bit too high for a console with a lower spec than the competition, there is no denying Titanfall will be a big game for Microsoft this year so this is certainly a step in the right direction.

Annoyingly, Microsoft has confirmed that us early adopters won’t receive anything other than a thank you. So much for a free copy of Titanfall, right…? 😉

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  1. GamestopUK are selling the Titanfall bundle for £370.

    • Just saw that too. Won’t last long but that’s pretty competitive. I still think a £299 without Kinect would make much more sense given the console is of a lesser spec but its certainly a step in the right direction and all Microsoft can do right now to try and reclaim some ground.

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