Titanfall Gone Gold

Titanfall GoldThe wait is nearly over and now Titanfall has officially gone gold!

Here’s Game Director Steve Fukuda, with one of the first Titanfall Xbox One discs.

Titanfall, incase you dont know yet will be available in North America on March 11th and Europe on March 14th.

Hope you have reserved your copy 🙂

In addition another vid form EA has appeared where Jessica Chobot talks to the Respawn team about the design of the Titans, and discover where the inspiration came from including how they will influence the final game.


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  1. Would have been very shocked if this one got delayed – can you imagine the shitstorm if it did??!?!
    Despite not being blown away by this game so far, its going to be nice to get some usage out of my X1 again 🙂

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