Wolfenstein: The New Order Is 1080p 60fps

There you see… X1 can do it!

Since this new trend for developers is to say what the frame rate and resoultion is for their games on each platfmorm, Bethesda has stated that Wolfenstein: The New Order will be both 1080p and 60fps on “both” X1 and PS4.

This i have to say is a bit of relief. This will be the first 3rd party title that should look identical on each platform. Phew.

This game does look pretty awsome. If you dont know much about it Dave had put up gameplay footage on NGPN. Go check it out.


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  1. Nice to see the a developer actually taking the time to make both versions pretty. My gut is telling me that, like the early PS3/360 multiformats, some developers will do a good job at porting the games across, others not so well (Ubisoft were awful at this last gen).

    I know I’m not the X1’s biggest fan but its nice to know owners of the console will at least get the occasional decent multi format title.

  2. What you mean they are all decent, Play the same just maybe not at the same resolution thats all.

    • Lol, sorry I didn’t mean that to sound bitchy. Replace “decent” with “well done” and my statement still stands.
      Yes, they are playable, but the differences between Ground Zeroes on PS4 and X1 for example are night and day, which needs to be addressed as a large part of these new consoles are their improved visuals.

      • Marks new catchphrase of the year “Night & Day” How many times have you said that? Night and day would be totally different expirences. This is more like night & Early morning.

      • LOL, whoops! Well until the X1 catches up with the PS4 I guess I’ll need to keep saying it 😉

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