Mass Effect Trilogy Could Come To Next-Gen

Bioware have replied to a user on twitter that they have discussed the possibility of remastering the Mass Effect Trilogy for PS4 and X1.

“We have discussed that internally. If we can put solid plans together we’ll share.” Said the general manager of the developer’s Edmonton and Montreal studios Aaryn Flynn.

Mass Effect is one of my all time favorites, and to have the trilogy coming to next-gen would be amazing for me. The ammount of times i have re-played these games. Guess what… I would do it all again 🙂 As long as they re-made the first to match the second two.

Obviously this would not be a quick and easy process and with the 4th Mass Effect game in full development swing dont expect any concrete news soon.


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  1. Hopefully they sell them separately if they do go for this. Not a big fan of the series by any stretch but the ending of ME2 was suitably epic and I’d like to play through that game again

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