Exclusives Are Important

Xbox head Phil Spencer says console exclusives are just as important for Xbox One as they were Microsoft’s previous consoles.


Spencer told Fortune that Xbox One’s hardware features like Kinect, SmartGlass, and the cloud are a major selling point. However, he added, games have “always been the bedrock of our consoles at Xbox”.

“Exclusive games will continue to play a major role for Xbox in the new console generation, just as they have in previous generations,” Spencer said. “This E3 is important for us to show gamers our future plans for exclusives and third-party support.

“Right now I think we have a strong lineup of in-development exclusives, including games like Sunset Overdrive, Project Spark, Quantum Break, and Halo, in addition to some exciting titles you will hear more about at E3. It’s going to be great at E3 to be able to share the games coming exclusively to Xbox One, and it’s only going to get better.”

Spencer also discussed making Xbox One a friendlier environment for non-traditional console games like Minecraft and World of Tanks. While more platforms are hosting successful games than ever before, Spencer said that also means more opportunities to bring successful franchises over to Xbox.


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  1. Mr Spencer certainly says the right things, let’s see if he delivers the goods.

  2. Fingers will be crossed. I’m sure they have learned their lesson with constantly showing the Kinect. I do expect to see some TV promotion but hopefully not too much of it.

    • It will depend on where he wants to take the company I guess. The Kinect on 360 was widely regarded as a waste of time, yet Microsoft decided to spend a fortune redesigning it and forced everyone to pay for one with their X1s – they have it in them to make really stupid decisions 😉
      Granted that decision could have been made by any of the morons who handled things last year, so I’m hoping Mr Spencer takes a step back from all that and looks at what made previous Xbox consoles decent. Hint: it was the games!

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