New COD Teased


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    • Lol! You cant get excited about titanfall and then disregard a cod game based on the same concept but with a proper campaign and much more content 😛

      • I sure can. And I say Meh.

      • Lol that’s what i love about you buddy, never biased and always open minded 😉 personally i can see it being great.

      • Looking at the trailer they seem to have taken everything from movies this time. The exo-skeleton suit from Elysium, The wall climbing from MI: Ghost Protocol, Didn’t see a dog this time though. Looks like scraps wont be making a return. They are even trying to put the big movie talent in the game this time and not just the live action trailers. #gettingdesperate 🙂

      • Each to their own but it makes sense that the highest action game of the year lends itself to popular action movies. Titanfall is basically pacific rim but apparently that’s not an issue? Like it or not cod is a big deal to the games industry and makes it a fortune each year. They perfected it years ago and, while infinity ward are a bit naff these days, there is still plenty of life in the series yet

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