Expect News Before E3

Xbox head Phil Spencer has confirmed Microsoft will announce a couple of things before E3 2014.

Writing on Twitter, Spencer answered fan queries regarding Microsofts showing at E3 2014, promising a big ‘fan focused’ year with plenty of high profile announcements.

Spencer confirmed Microsoft will announce new studios it is working with at E3, adding that what the company shows will reflect “stuff we are committed to, from top studios, for this year and future.”

Meanwhile, a few snippets will be announced before E3 2014, which takes place June 10-12 in Los Angeles. “May should be a good month for news,” he said. “Took me a month to get plans set.”


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  1. I’m actually far more excited for E3 this year than I was last year. The new consoles are out and have settled now. Now we should start seeing some better games.

  2. I agree. This is getting exciting.

    • BTW, June 9th 9.30am PST for Microsoft’s E3 conference. That’s 5.30pm UK time. Can watch it while eating dinner, perfect 🙂 Will probably book 10th off work so I can stay up later and watch the other conferences too.

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