Xbox One Without Kinect


Microsoft now may be looking into a graphical boost for the X1 now that the Kinect will no longer be sold with the console.

Kinect currently uses 10% of the X1’s processing power to manage Kinect functions such as voice commands. With that bit more power will the Xbox One be able to achieve a better frame rate or resolution. Only time will tell.


Xbox One will come without Kinect on June 9th. It will cost £349 that’s $399 and 399 Euros.

This I was not expecting. Microsoft have been standing ground on this stating that Kinect is vital to the X1.

This price point will now be level to the PS4, which is taking the lead in sales. You will still be able to purchase the Kinect as an accessory if you so wish to.

If this was Phil Spencer’s idea to change things around he is going the right way about it. Getting this news out of the way now will also mean that there will be more time for games to be announced at E3 🙂 Oh please make that so.


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  1. Great move but a stupid one at the same time. With the camera not being a compulsory purchase anymore, I doubt many/any developers will support it. As someone who doesn’t use his, this doesn’t effect me, but those who bought the console for the Kinect functionality won’t be too pleased by this.
    Between this and the overall price drop, I am really hoping Microsoft do the right thing and announce early adopters get £25 XBL credit at E3. At the moment I cannot help but feel shafted for supporting them on day one.

    • They have already stated that early adopters will get nothing. We were the beta testers. Nothing more. 😦 They do now on the other hand have to make the menu system more accessible with the controller if no Kinect will be issued as default.

      • Well that is a kick in the teeth! I know Microsoft is about as anti-consumer as any company out there but this is a new low 😦 On the plus side I can sell my Kinect on ebay now without worrying about having to use it 😀

  2. Re: the increased power update, by that logic, early adopters of the console presumably won’t have this extra grunt as I’d guess the console keeps x% of its resources aside for if the Kinect is plugged in and used.
    I swear, if that ends up being the case I will not be happy.

    • No. I’m sure it will be improved in an update. Will be funny though for future games. “This game will support full 1080p and 60fps… As long as the Kinect is not plugged in”

      • LOL indeed. I’m not holding my breath though. As much as the X1 has grown on me over the past couple of months, it is still a pretty underpowered machine by today’s standards.
        While I don’t doubt the freed up resources may help in places, I’m not expecting a huge boost in performance. Don Mattrick and crew opted to make an entertainment box rather than a games console and I think this is going to cost them now that Mr Spencer has decided “actually games are quite important”.

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