What Will Be At E3?

With only a few weeks left before June 9th. I have decided to put together a list with what I expect and hope to see at E3 2014.


Microsoft will kick the shows off starting at 5:30pm GMT.

With news already been announced for the Xbox One showing different prices and a Kinect less version. It’s good to see Microsoft getting all this news out of the way. With the title of the conference called “Xbox Game On” I expect to see lots of games. And hopefully many of them new and exclusive IPs.

Forza Horizon 2: Playground games have been very quiet recently and with rumours going around for a while about a sequel I can see this being announced. This will give a year gap on Forza 6 and mix it up each year with one being simulation and the other being arcade. With EA not releasing a Need For Speed title this year it would also be prime for this game to come out. Just don’t fill it full of micro transactions.

Sunset Overdrive: Now this game has already been shown off in some detail but I want to see more. Showing off the create a player and how the co-op aspect will work will be great to see at E3. Insomniac looks to have created a fun and wacky game to brighten up all the grey and brown looking shooters out there. Showing off some more awesome looking weaponry and enemies wont go amiss either.

Killer Instinct Season 2: This will be happening but when is unknown. With Fulgore finally released and Arcade hinting at what will be coming next. It makes me wonder how much of this will be done. Will season 2 start out with only a couple of fighters with more released in the coming months? Or will it be held back for the whole roster of 8 to be issued all at once?

Fable Legends: This spin-off co-op RPG looks fun with the same detail and comedy that the original games have but no more has been said. Lionhead would be crazy not to show off this game at E3.

Crackdown 3: No real word of this game yet but with the new cloud system that Microsoft keep pushing and their fondness of open world within it. I can see Crackdown 3 be unveiled very soon. But with Sunset Overdrive announcements would they wait another year to unveil it?

Quantum Break: I really want to see plenty of gameplay to this game. How it alters between playing the game and watching the episodes fascinates me. I like the idea to it and hope it works well. I do love my story games and this one is all about that.

Gears Of War: With it in the early stages of development. Expecting to see gameplay is very doubtful. I bet a title is not even thought up yet. As for a CG trailer, this is very much what I expect to see. Just still hope it is set during Pendulum Wars. The Locust have been done to death now.

Halo: There will be a Halo title released this year but it won’t be Halo 5. I’m sure it will be the long rumoured Halo 2 anniversary edition. But while writing this opinion piece a new rumour of Halo 1, 2, 3 and 4 will be re-mastered for the X1 called The Master Chief Collection.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare: Love it or hate it, Call of Duty is a big name title and always makes an appearance during Microsoft conferences. As usual I would imagine we will see some single player footage and confirmation the X1/360 versions will get DLC packs first

Titanfall DLC: With the first Titanfall DLC due this week, that still leaves two to go. Titanfall has been a big title for Xbox this year so I expect they will briefly mention the game’s success and touch on what to expect in the upcoming DLC packs.

A Proper Rare Game?: While a lot of their focus has no doubt been on Kinect Sports Rivals, you have to wonder if some of Rare’s team have been working on a new “proper” game. Whether that’s on an existing IP (Battletoads, Perfect Dark, Viva Pinata) or something new, Rare are yet to release something big. Hopefully this year Microsoft finally start making use of this great developer.

TV Programming: Now this has to be mentioned at some point. With all the exclusive TV programming that Microsoft have planned I’m sure they will discuss more announcements and unveil new programming. Just hope this section will not go on too long.

New IPs: Now this what I really hope to see. I would like to see at least 3 totally new games in the Xbox roster, and they better be exclusive! Phil Spencer has hinted at new and old studios working on exciting stuff for the X1. In previous years Microsoft have used only a couple of games to make the Xbox name. Now it’s time to unveil some new ones. With fewer and fewer AAA games being developed each year and franchises being worked on over and over. Something new will be a breath of fresh air. Making it exclusive will also justify why I have an Xbox One.


Up next is EA at 8:00pm GMT

Star Wars: Battlefront: Now this has already been confirmed to be shown at E3 but how much will they show? I am hoping for a full multiplayer matchup with Storm Troopers vs Clone Troopers. Jedi vs Sith, Tie Fighters vs X-Wings, AT-ATs vs AT-TEs the list goes on. With DICE working on the title I feel confident that the battles will be large and the Frostbite engine making the game look as good as it should.

More Star Wars Games: EA are making more than just Battlefront. Viseral (makers of Dead Space) are also hard at work on one. With some of the top talent leaving Naughty Dog and joining Viseral on this project I can only expect good things. Will it be announced possibly.

Mirrors Edge: This was shown off last year to a very CG looking trailer. Now I want to see real gameplay of Faith running atop buildings and seamlessly traversing  the obstacles in front of her. Now this one is supposed to be free roaming, no more linear on way paths. Now I can be let loose in the very modern, not to mention overly clean city the game takes place in.

Battlefield: I hope this is not the case. Battlefield 4 was out last year, and with a rocky start to boot. If a Battlefield game is shown then it better be Bad Company 3. Much more destruction (remember you could level a whole multiplayer maps buildings to the ground) and the humour from the previous titles. Oh and no prone, I hate prone in a multiplayer game.

Mass Effect: Mass Effect 4 (not it’s real title) is supposedly over half way now in development, it would be great to see what Bioware have been working on. This game is rumoured not to have Shepherd in so who will be the new protagonist? Male or female? Human or another race entirely? I expect to see a lengthy trailer but not real time gameplay. That will be saved for next E3.

Dragon Age: Inquisition: After the brilliant Dragon Age Origins and the not brilliant Dragon Age 2, the new sequel could be amazing or it could be terrible. Judging by the gameplay and trailers we have seen its looking promising and could be the RPG to play this year now that The Witcher 3 has been delayed. Expectations will be high for this one so hopefully they show off some decent gameplay.

EA Sports: Madden, Fifa, maybe NBA will be shown as they always are. With a close up the players showing how identical they look to the real thing and how graceful they move. Same old stuff. But what I want to see more of is EA MMA. I would like to see a few matches played out to see how the fighter use the octagon. What I don’t want, is celebrity sports personalities appearing on stage to talk about a game they have no understanding of.

Popcap: Popcap have proven they are an excellent developer, with Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare and Peggle 2 being two of the best games currently available on the X1 system. Hopefully they are working on another project and will continue to bring family-friendly fun to the console.

The Sims 4: I do like the Sim games. The game has already been trailered and release date given. But what if EA announced it for consoles this time around. I liked The Sims 3 for X360. Why not bring The Sims 4 to the X1?


Ubisoft will start after EA at 11:00pm GMT

Assassin’s Creed Unity: This is a given. There is always AC at Ubisoft. With rumours that two AC games are being developed this year, one being for next-gen and one or current. It would be nice to see if they cross over in story lines or they are completely separate. With these titles getting bigger and bigger in scope I can only imagine what this one will be showing off.

The Division: Their MMO style, post-apocalyptic shooter wowed me last year. With its crazy visuals and attention to detail, and it’s futuristic style tech, this game looks to be an awesome edition to the Tom Clancy brand name. Showing off another lengthy game sample of this may get my hype rising even higher.

Beyond Good & Evil 2: Yes this is still a shot in the dark, but with hints that it could be in development I would like to finally see it. With a bit of a cult following behind the original, it would please a lot of older gamers. Ubisoft Montpellier (the developers of Rayman Origins and Legends) have been the ones teasing this game and I would love to see it become reality.

Far Cry 4: Ubisoft finally announced this a few days ago and I am stoked. Was a huge fan of Far Cry 3 and hope to see some awesome gameplay to keep me that way.

Just Dance: There is usually some kind of camera focused game to be shown during a Ubisoft conference and Just Dance is usually it. Maybe with the inclusion of Zumba (as that seems to be growing in popularity).

Rainbow 6: Patriots: This game was shown off then seemed to disappear. Then was announced that it was going back to the drawing board. Could now be the time that we finally see a new and improved Rainbow 6? The game is still currently being developed but hopefully the hype for this game will be on par with the quality of the gems itself when it finally is unveiled again.

The Crew: Ubisofts MMO driving game has been delayed a couple of times. Is everything ok with it? Viewing some new gameplay and hearing more good information about the title (last info I heard was that it was full of micro transactions, bad) might set it back on track to getting some hype.

There you have it. That was NGXN’s expectations for E3 2014. Lets see how many we got right 🙂


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  1. Hopefully they go into a bit more detail re: Sunset Overdrive. Really liked what I saw initially but that recent Tweet from Insomniac suggests it might be a single player game with some co-op modes thrown in. If that is the case I doubt I’ll bother as I know I won’t play the single player part.

    Nothing is really jumping out at me from EA unless they do a proper look at Mirrors Edge 2. While the first game wasn’t brilliant, it was different enough to keep me interested so I’d like to see some of the sequel in action.

    The same goes for Ubisoft. For whatever reason I don’t really like most Ubisoft games but would love to see some Rainbow Six. My guess is we will see it at E3 2015 but I’d settle for a trailer at this stage.

    When it comes down to it though, as sad as it sounds, the only two games I really want to see are the new COD and the new FIFA. The new COD because, well, it looks excellent and the new FIFA because Cambridge United will actually be in it this year! 😉

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