Forza Horizon 2 To Be 100 Hours Long

Now that’s more like it! While the original Horizon was great, something which really let it down in my opinion was that you could rattle through it in a weekend. With Horizon 2 that doesn’t look to be the case.

In order to reach 100% completion (which lets face it, is what we are all aiming for) you will need to put in roughly as many hours, a vast improvement over Horizon 1.

Playground’s Creative Director went on to say that the game will support Drivatars (seen last year in Forza 5) and full drop in/out co-op.

Given how crappy 2014 is looking in terms of new releases, it looks like Forza Horizon 2 might be creeping onto my Christmas list 🙂

Dave – NGXN


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  1. 100 Hours. So realistically between 50 – 60 hours.

    • Lol, yes I was thinking that too. Assuming the co-op stuff is as good as Burnout Paradise I will log far more than 100 hours on it either way 😉

      • Since not that much else will be out you may as well.

      • I’m still hopeful E3 brings us a few games coming out for Christmas. I find it hard to believe neither Sony or Microsoft have any major exclusives planned around then.

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