The Witcher 3 Details

Following this evening’s mini conference, some new Witcher 3 details have come to light.

Firstly, the game will be launching worldwide on February 24th for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. I’ll have to ask the Mrs nicely for it as a Valentines gift 😉

Secondly, there will be a collectors edition and holy hell does it look beautiful. Featuring a steel tin, art book, medallion and a gorgeous statue, it looks amazing, albeit very expensive. I was hoping to plump up the extra for the collectors edition but I may need to check prices before committing.

Finally, there is a nice new trailer to whet people’s appetites. Enjoy!

Witcher 3

Update: Well a few prices have gone up and they aren’t as bad as I expected. GAME are selling it for £140, while Amazon are selling it for £120. That’s nearly £100 cheaper than I thought it would be so I’ve placed a pre order for it while I work out whether I’ll have the funds for it 🙂

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  1. I cannot deny that game looks stunning. But not knowing the story arc to the first two this will be out for me. CD Project Red are so well respected in the gaming community so I want to check out their other title Cyberpunk when it is shown.

    • I honestly think you would be ok. The nice thing about the Witcher games are they are separate from each other. Yes, there is an overall storyline which links them (plus the books) but CD Projekt Red made a point of saying newcomers would be fine with Witcher 3. I really think you would enjoy the Witcher games as they are heavily story driven but feel more like an action RPG (ala Mass Effect) than traditional RPGs like Dragon Age.

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