E3 Is Nearly Here

Only hours to wait now until E3 Media conferences begin 🙂 Here is a peek at what Microsoft’s stage looks like.

As much as it is a great time for games. Where the companies can flex their gaming muscles and show us what we can look forward to in the coming year, and hopefully a few surprises included. This is my Christmas. It also is a busy time for anyone in the gaming media. Be it working on a prime gaming website, to a blog like this. News will be a plenty, and hopefully it will all be on display at NGXN.

You can watch E3 on any device these days so there is no need to miss it. Firstly there is your console. Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo will have their conference show on their consoles. Just look for the advert on the dashboard to link to it. Included are the apps to IGN, Gamespot, and Gametrailers, which will show all the conferences and discussions between them.

If you are viewing from your PC or MAC then follow the links below to see them.






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  1. Should be a great day – I’m glad I have tomorrow off work however as I can see myself typing up a lot of articles lol!

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