Outlast On Xbox One

Outlast has appeared on Xbox store and is available now.

The game has been out for PS4 and PC for a while now and people wondered if it would show on X1. No one thought that it would thanks to Microsoft parity clause that insists that a game should be released the same day or near to other platforms. Despite this, Microsoft did confirm in March that it would work on a case by case basis with developers unable to meet the ID@Xbox requirements.

Both the game itself and the Wistleblower DLC is available for purchase for £15.99


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  1. Amazing game. Buy it now.

    • Bit too much. Will wait for a serious price drop or games with gold.

      • I’m a little confused by the post, does that mean you get the game plus expansion pack for £16 total? If so that’s a bargain and well worth it as the game is pretty long if you play it properly, plus the expansion is the same length as the main game pretty much.

      • No sorry it doesn’t. The DLC is separate

      • Ahh ok, matches the PS4 version then. Makes sense 🙂

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