10GB Update For Sniper Elite III

Sniper Elite 3 is looking pretty cool and one of stronger games out this summer. With the release schedule looking a little baron right now, you might be tempted to pick up a copy when it launches this week. If you have a strict data cap on your Broadband you might want to hold that thought…


When Xbox One owners fire up the game on launch day they will be met with a rather intimidating 10GB update. Apparently this is partially due to upcoming multiplayer DLC but also addresses general improvements and optimisation. Reading between the lines, the game wasn’t finished when it went to print…

No news on how much of this update needs to be downloaded before you can start to play your new purchase but, speaking as someone who had to download a 13GB update for Forza 5 this weekend before he could play anything outside of the first championship, these day one updates are getting a little out of hand!

Dave – NGXN


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