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Titanfall Frontiers Edge Out Now

Pilots, drop your titan and battle on the furthest reaches of the Frontier in Titanfall Frontier’s Edge. Now available on Xbox One and PC and coming soon for Xbox 360


EA Subscription Service For Xbox One

Following in the footsteps of PlayStation Plus and Games With Gold, EA has announced their own take on subscription based gaming with EA Access.

Essentially, for £20 a year (or £4 a month) players will be granted access to “The Vault”, a series of big name EA titles that players can download to their hard drives and play as much as they like. At launch, Madden 25, Fifa 14, Battlefield 4 and Peggle 2 will be your choices, but more titles will be added over time.

As well as this, EA Access members will be able to download trials of new games 5 days before release, where they can play for a couple of hours to see what they think – essentially a “try before you buy” scheme, something which could be very handy when deciding whether to cough up £55 for the latest Fifa game for example.

Finally, Access members will get 10% off all digital games on the X1 marketplace. While its still arguably cheaper to go out and buy the games physically, this discount would soften the blow for people intent on going digital this gen – plus there are plenty of websites that sell XBL credit for a reduced price these days anyway.

Overall, providing you are happy to wait 6-12 months to play the newer releases, I have to say EA Access is coming across as great value to me – assuming new content is added frequently of course. As someone who doesn’t get a huge amount of time to play his games these days, paying £20 a year for an almost Netflix-like gaming experience is very appealing indeed.

Dave – NGXN

Master Chielf Collection Cinematic Trailer

A cinematic trailer for the Master Chief Collection created by blur.

All of the cinematic cut scenes have been re-made by blur and they do look stunning it this teaser trailer.

In other news related to Halo. Zanzibar will be the 3rd Halo 2 map to be re-made in the next-gen engine. Three more maps left to unveil.

Titanfall Update & DLC Arriving Next Week

Got plans on July 31st? Now you do.

This is a surprise. I was thinking it was going to be in September.  The 3 new maps Dig Site, Export and Haven will be available to download along with the next title update that will include a token system for you to purchase burn card packs and titan insignias. Respawn have stated that you cannot purchase these tokens with real money. You earn tokens by playing the game.