Microsoft’s Promotional Codes To X360 Owners

Microsoft are giving select Xbox 360 owners promotional codes for money off if they purchase a Xbox One.

For people who are still on the fence whether to upgrade to next-gen, this is another great money off deal. Codes are going out to UK, US and Canada that can be used in any store.
Great for people who have not bought a console yet… Pain for people who bought one day one. 😦 All we get is “Thank You” Where are my deals!


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  1. Sorry but this is just sad. Paying people to buy your new console, that reeks of desperation. And I hazard a guess that their “very best customers” already have an X1 by now.

    • They must be taking a huge hit on the price of each console. Luckily it’s Microsoft. That monster company isn’t going bankrupt any time soon.

      • Yeah, Nintendo and MS certainly have more than enough in reserve – besides the X1 isn’t doing “bad” by any means, its just getting creamed by the competition 🙂
        Had the PS4 flopped on the other hand, I’d imagine the PlayStation brand would have been dropped. Sony are losing so much money as it is and the Vita isn’t helping matters.

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