Xbox One Has Doubled Sales In The USofA

Xbox One more than doubled its sales in June compared to May. (Bet no Kinect was the main reason)

Microsoft attributes the increase in sales to “the new $399 offering” and “The amazing lineup of games announced during E3.” Interestingly, the lack of Kinect is never directly mentioned. It has become somewhat of a taboo in Microsoft’s official communication, but that’s marketing for you.
Looks like there’s still room for competition this year, which is always a good thing. When NPD publish its sales data for the US, we’ll know if the Xbox One managed to overtake its arch-rival, at least for June. My money is on a very close result, one way or another.


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  1. Lower price = more sales. Real shocker there…
    Hopefully Microsoft will learn this lesson for the future instead of trying to push unwanted cameras down our throats.
    Either way, I will never buy a Microsoft console at launch again, the way they’ve treated early adopters with the X1 is nothing short of shocking.

  2. Sales figures in the US last month:
    PS4 ~ 269k
    XB1 ~ 197k

    Still a fair way behind really. Both good though of course.

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