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Titanfall Update 6 Details

Respawn have released what will be included in update 6 of Titanfall.

A lot of cool fixes and updates are to be introduced this September. The full list can be seen here.

The biggest additions that I found interesting were that Marked For Death will now have its own fixed playlist due to popularity and, joining a game where you are on the loosing team and it is halfway through will now not count as a loss on your record.

But the biggest will be in the form of a new game mode called Pilot Skirmish. In this mode there will be no AI, no Titans and the team sizes will be 8V8. So for all those people that what just normal player v player action. You now have it 😀

New Resi Evil Screens

Some new screens for the Resident Evil re-release are out and wow do they look great 😀 Follow the link to article on TheSixthAxis.

RE1The remake will be coming to Xbox One early 2015 as a digital download and I’m genuinely more excited about this than the new Uncharted, Tomb Raider and Rainbow Six right now (which is really saying something!)

Dave – NGXN

Forza Horizon 2 Demo Coming. Achievements Revealed

Like it’s predecessor, there will be a demo for the latest Forza Horizon game. The demo will appear on the XBL marketplace Setp 16th, a couple of weeks before the full game launches.


Also, achievement hunters will be pleased to know the achievement list for Horizon has been revealed. It’s not going to win any awards for its originality but I’m pleased to see a number of online achievements in there, especially considering the game is designed to be played as a group.

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Metro Redux Launch Trailer

Metro Redux is only days away from release, and I simply cannot wait 🙂
So here is the launch trailer for the game combo.

Metro will be released in two forms. Separately as digital download or bundled together as retail.