Killer Instinct Season 2 Release Date

Killer Instinct season 2 will be released on October 19th

Season 2 will be available in both Ultra Edition ($40/£35/€40) and Combo Breaker Edition ($20/£17/€20)

Like the first season the Combo Breaker Edition will include all 8 fighters and unlocks. The Ultra Edition will include all of that plus extra costumes and Killer Instinct 2 Classic. What’s more is that if you pre-order KI season 2 between September 23rd and October 14th you will find TJ Combo already added to your roster to play.


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  1. And so your achievement hunt begins once more… 😉

    • Yep. Then comes the long grind. But with only 2 fighters revealed and not that much time fro release looks like they will not all be available at launch. Phew.

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