New RE Revelations 2 Details

Some new details for Resident Evil Revelations 2 have been announced and they sound great to a long-time fan like me.

Firstly, the lead protagonist will be none other than Claire Redfield, one of my favourite characters who hasn’t been mentioned since Code Veronica back on the Dreamcast! Fans have been wondering what happened to her so its great to know that we will finally find out.

In terms of when this game slots into the RE timeline, as predicted it will be between the events of RE 5 and 6. Joining Claire will be a new character, Moira Burton, the daughter of the legendary Barry Burton and yes, the game will feature full co-op, something that was missing from Revelations 1.

As with Revelations 1, a new breed of enemy will be introduced, with the “Afflicted” fitting the role this time. Apparently they will be sort of like zombies but a bit different. Taking them out from a distance or avoiding them all together seems to be the desired focus.

The game is set to release early next year alongside the RE remake and I simply cannot wait! 🙂

Dave – NGPN


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