Far Cry 4 Game Length Discussed

When it comes to Ubisoft games, its always hard to gauge how much of your time is going to be spent playing main story content and how much of it is going to be spent completing crappy side-mission filler.

Judging by a recent interview, it sounds like Far Cry 4 is focussing less on its overall storyline and instead wants players to just go out and explore the world of Kyrat. In a way this is understandable given the main criticism of FC3 for many was its story and douchy protagonist.

As such the game has been quoted to be 15-60 hours long, a pretty huge range I’m sure you’ll agree and might be worth considering if you are the sort of player who sticks to the main storyline and doesn’t dive into the extra stuff.

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  1. That’s a huge difference in completion times. I am more of a story gamer. So the less story there is, the less chance I will purchase.

    • I took that figure to mean: 15 hour campaign, 45 hours of side stuff. Realistically most Ubisoft games are split like this these days, the only difference is, unlike AC and WatchDogs, Far Cry 4’s side stuff looks quite fun (Outposts, co-op, etc).

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