50 More Achievements For MCC

343 have announced that the 20GB patch on launch will include another 50 achievements!!

That’s right. To go with the already 400 there will be an added 50 along with an extra 500 gamer score.

So that is now 450 achievements for 4500 gamer score. Don’t expect this game to be completed quickly upon releases next week.

The new achievements are all multiplayer focused. Aiming mostly at Halo CE and Halo 2 But there is one for each game asking you to complete each campaign in under 3 hours. (gulp)

Here is what the official Halo blog had to say:

“As you know, Halo: The Master Chief Collection ships with 400 achievements worth 4000 gamerscore. However, your journey through Halo: The Master Chief Collection is an on-going one, and as part of our launch content update, we will be rolling out another 50 achievements worth 500 gamerscore. For this round of achievements, we wanted to focus on community and the new multiplayer features being offered by the new maps and modes within Halo 2: Anniversary multiplayer.”

On a note for all those people who want tips for Halo speed runs. Click here to see how the elites do it.


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  1. Ooo ouch! Great news for those who love a challenge but I can see you absolutely hating this list somehow… 😛

    • Yeh. The 3 hours per game is ridiculous Luckily its not in one go. It adds up all the missions separately from what I have read.

      • Ahh, similar to RE5 and Killzone then, that shouldn’t be too bad with a bit of practice 🙂

        I’m currently working on a trophy to complete RE Code Veronica in under 4 hours with no deaths, no saves and no healing items – those sorts of achievements/trophies are a real pain as one mistake and you have to start again 😦

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