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Halo Spartan Assault Review

Spartan Assault

As promised here is the review for Halo Spartan Assault, the arcade title uploaded to the XBL marketplace just before Christmas. I played this game a fair bit over the holidays so read on for my final verdict… Read the rest of this entry


Peggle 2 Review


Morning guys, with Christmas almost here it’s time for another review, don’t you think? Today we are focusing on Popcap’s latest release, Peggle 2. It’s no secret around these parts that I have been really looking forward to this one – in fact, it’s the main reason why I decided to grab an Xbox One on launch day, rather than waiting until the New Year.

The game appeared on the Xbox Live marketplace recently with a price tag of £9.99, so I downloaded a copy last week and have been playing it a lot since then. Without further ado, read on for the full review… Read the rest of this entry

Battlefield 4 Review

BF4 Header

Halo on Xbox, Timesplitters on PlayStation 2, Perfect Dark Zero on Xbox 360, Resistance on PlayStation 3. Ever since I can remember, I have always picked up a shooting game with my new consoles. As stale as the genre has become, I do love a good FPS title, which I think is why I wasn’t immediately blown away when I picked up my Xbox One and FIFA 14.

Determined to get some use out of my Xbox One outside of Netflix, I decided to go slightly over budget and picked up a copy of Battlefield 4 last week. Sure, there have been multiple horror stories surrounding this game since launch day, but I took the plunge regardless to see what the fuss was all about. Read on for my full verdict… Read the rest of this entry

Killer Instinct Review

KI Header

Afternoon guys, the Xbox One is almost two weeks old so I think it’s time for a review, don’t you?! Today we will be looking at free-to-play beat ‘em up, Killer Instinct. KI was a pretty popular title back on the Nintendo 64, but with new developer, Double Helix at the helm, is this new entry still worth checking out? Read on for the review… Read the rest of this entry