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Battlefield: Hardline 60FPS Trailer

Pull off that perfect heist or big time bust in this new take on Battlefield Multiplayer.

Soon there will be many gameplay vids that will be able to show off 60fps on youtube. “Your video game footage with crazy high frame rates will soon look as awesome on YouTube as it does when you’re playing, when we launch support for 48 and even 60 frames per second in the coming months,” YouTube noted on its company blog.

One this is for sure. It makes Battlefield look even nicer.


Wolfenstein: The New Order Is 1080p 60fps

There you see… X1 can do it!

Since this new trend for developers is to say what the frame rate and resoultion is for their games on each platfmorm, Bethesda has stated that Wolfenstein: The New Order will be both 1080p and 60fps onĀ “both” X1 and PS4.

This i have to say is a bit of relief. This will be the first 3rd party title that should look identical on each platform. Phew.

This game does look pretty awsome. If you dont know much about it Dave had put up gameplay footage on NGPN. Go check it out.

Next-Gen MGS5 To Run At 60FPS

Phantom Pain

It’s tradition for Metal Gear Solid games to look stunning. MGS2 was a real showcase of what the PS2 was capable of in it’s early years and MGS4 on PS4 remains one of the prettiest titles around.

Phantom Pain looks set to continue that tradition, looking excellent on both current and next-gen platforms (though, in true Kojima fashion, he is very humble and warns players that the next-gen copy might not look as stunning as X1 exclusives), however the PS4/X1 versions of the game will benefit from a vastly improved frame rate. Yup, 60FPS.

As enjoyable as the MGS games are, I’ve always felt they are a bit sluggish (especially when compared to Sam Fisher’s latest title), so locking in that 60FPS figure will hopefully go a long way to make Phantom Pain nice and fluid.

Forza 5 To Run At 1080p and 60fps

It’s no secret that I love the Forza series and am counting down the days until I can pick up my shiny X1 and Forza 5.

Apparently I’m in for a treat as Microsoft has announced today that Forza 5 will indeed run at 1080p and feature a frame rate of 60fps. In other words, its going to look stunning!

I don’t doubt for one second that some X1 games will still run at 720p / 30fps, but its great to see a first-party title like Forza setting the standard.

Dave – NGXN