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BF Hardline Beta Dated. New Trailer

Starting Feb 3rd, players will be able to jump into an open beta test for Battlefield Hardline. Looks great and I’m really looking forward to giving it a try.

A new trailer has also been released, which shows a nice mix of the game’s multiplayer and single player. Normally I wouldn’t go near a BF campaign with a 10ft bargepole, but with Visceral in charge this time around, I must admit I’m suitably intrigued.

Hopefully EA and crew can prove that this is a completely new BF experience and not just an overpriced BF4 expansion pack.


Halo 5 Footage

With the release of the Master Chief Collection (copy should be arriving in the post today), 343 have released some multiplayer footage of the upcoming Halo 5.

Opinions will no doubt be mixed on this one. It looks great to me but it does seem similar to Halo 4, which was criticised for being a little too COD-like.

Remember, the Halo 5 beta test will be open for owners of the Chief Collection during the Christmas break. See you on the battlefield!

Dave – NGXN

Evolve “Big Alpha” To Start This Month

The Alpha for 2K and Turtle Rock Studios Evolve will commence October 30th worldwide.

It will start first on Xbox One (30th), , then will be available on other platforms the next day (31st) The alpha will then end on the 2nd November.

2K and Turtle Rock have confirmed that those who have already pre-ordered Evolve from participating retailers, and any who pre-order it in the coming weeks, will be guaranteed access to the alpha test on their preferred platform.

I received my key at EGX this year and registered in the hopes of entering. If you are unsuccessful in entering the Alpha. Do not fret, The open beta will be available in January 2015 exclusively for Xbox One.

The Crew Closed Beta Goes Live

Waiting in my email inbox this morning was a download code for The Crew beta.

The closed beta has officially gone live and is currently downloading to my Xbox One as we speak. Word of warning, its almost 16GB in size…

There are a lot of similar looking racing games out at the end of this year but The Crew’s co-op focus does appeal to me I must admit. Looking forward to giving it a try.

Dave – NGXN