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TESO Drops Subscription. Console Release Confirmed

There are very few games out there these days that can get away with having a subscription fee, turns out The Elder Scrolls Online isn’t one of them…


From March onwards, the flailing online RPG will drop its subscription fees, meaning anyone who owns the game will be able to jump online and play whenever they want.

A release date for the console version of the game has finally been given too. After being delayed last year, X1/PS4 owners will finally be able to pick up a copy in June. Not long to wait now.

Dave – NGXN


Xbox One Without Kinect


Microsoft now may be looking into a graphical boost for the X1 now that the Kinect will no longer be sold with the console.

Kinect currently uses 10% of the X1’s processing power to manage Kinect functions such as voice commands. With that bit more power will the Xbox One be able to achieve a better frame rate or resolution. Only time will tell.


Xbox One will come without Kinect on June 9th. It will cost £349 that’s $399 and 399 Euros.

This I was not expecting. Microsoft have been standing ground on this stating that Kinect is vital to the X1.

This price point will now be level to the PS4, which is taking the lead in sales. You will still be able to purchase the Kinect as an accessory if you so wish to.

If this was Phil Spencer’s idea to change things around he is going the right way about it. Getting this news out of the way now will also mean that there will be more time for games to be announced at E3 🙂 Oh please make that so.

ET Cartridges Discovered At Atari Landfill

Copies of the Atari 2600 cartridge game ET, the Extra-Terrestrial have been discovered at a landfill dig, which seemingly confirms an urban legend.
The discovery appears to prove that Atari dumped many unsold ET cartridges in New Mexico, after the game infamously flopped in 1982.

Atari paid millions to acquire the rights to make a game based on the Steven Spielberg blockbuster, but the subsequent product was mauled by critics.
Its failure has been blamed for the collapse of home console gaming a year later, which lasted until the launch of the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1985.

Why am I telling you this? Well there is going to be a documentary shown exclusively on Xbox one about the dig. Directed by Zak Penn, writer for Avengers and X-Men 2. Should be worth a watch if you are interested in gaming history.

Microsoft states about 23 million minutes broadcast since last month’s launch, about 30 percent of all Twitch broadcasts came from Xbox One on launch day.


“In its first week, 108,000 unique Twitch users tried their hand at broadcasting from Xbox One,” reads Microsoft’s blurb, “accounting for 22 percent of Twitch’s unique broadcasters in the same period of time. To put that in perspective, according to Twitch, it took another console a month to achieve what the Twitch app on Xbox One did within its first week.”

I wonder what this other console refers to?

2.7 million minutes of Xbox One Twitchery were broadcast on launch day, and the average Xbox One cast on the streaming service is 28 minutes long. Also, the most broadcast Xbox One game? Titanfall No surprises there.