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BF Hardline Beta Dated. New Trailer

Starting Feb 3rd, players will be able to jump into an open beta test for Battlefield Hardline. Looks great and I’m really looking forward to giving it a try.

A new trailer has also been released, which shows a nice mix of the game’s multiplayer and single player. Normally I wouldn’t go near a BF campaign with a 10ft bargepole, but with Visceral in charge this time around, I must admit I’m suitably intrigued.

Hopefully EA and crew can prove that this is a completely new BF experience and not just an overpriced BF4 expansion pack.


Headset Adapter For Xbox One

Headset firm Turtle Beach confirms 2014 launch on Xbox One headsets

Microsoft will not release its previously-announced Xbox One Headset Adapter until ‘early 2014’, and this adapter will be required to use new third-party headsets – not just old ones.

The platform holder has said previously that the adapter will enable the use of current-gen headsets on the new console, which uses a new proprietary data port that’s incompatible with Xbox 360 headsets.

But confusion arose today when a press release from licensed headset maker Turtle Beach claimed that the company’s new third-party Xbox One headsets, the XO Four and XO Seven, won’t release until Q1 2014 owing to the lack of an adapter.

“Turtle Beach expects to launch the XO FOUR and XO SEVEN headsets for the Xbox One console in the first quarter of 2014,” read the press release. “The Xbox One Headset Adapter, being built by Microsoft and provided to Turtle Beach for inclusion with new gaming headsets, will not be available until early 2014,” it went on to explain.

CVG contacted Turtle Beach for clarification on the stipulation that the headset adapters are to be “for inclusion with new gaming headsets”, and not purely for backwards compatibility.

Turtle Beach corporate communications rep David Lowey confirmed that the Microsoft-produced adapter will indeed be required to use its new Xbox One headsets, and that this adapter will be included in the box with said headsets.

This seems an unusual approach, since it would have been expected that new headsets designed specifically for Xbox One would simply plug directly into the Xbox One controller’s proprietary data port.

This does, however, appear to give Microsoft complete control over the production of third-party headsets for Xbox One.

Microsoft is yet to confirm specifics on the adapter, such as release or pricing.

Like Xbox 360, the new Xbox One will ship with a basic chat-only headset included in the box.