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FF Type-0 Footage

Some more footage of FF Type-0 HD has been released and I’m still in two minds about this game.

Despite the slightly bland visuals (it was originally a PSP game after all) and the insanely zoomed in camera, its a Final Fantasy game so I sort of feel obligated to at least try it, plus the story is supposed to be great – lets not forget that FF15 demo code either!

Type-0 HD launches in a couple of months on X1 and PS4. Hopefully I can make my mind up between now and then! 😉

Dave – NGXN


Final Fantasy XV Trailer

From the Tokyo Games Show comes a new trailer for Final Fantasy 15 – OK, it’s footage we’ve seen before but the trailer itself is new.

Speaking as someone who loved FF10 but have never really gotten into any of the other releases, its doubtful I will be grabbing a copy of this when it releases on X1 and PS4, but its good to know they haven’t completely given up on the JRPG genre just yet.

Dave- NGXN